What Stomach Sleepers With Back Pain Should Look For In A Mattress?

1 Mar

Some people might claim that lying on your stomach is the most convenient way to sleep, but the experts agree that it is not always the healthiest way to sleep.To help prevent back/neck discomfort, we recommend choosing the best form of mattress for you, one that can hold the spine in a proper position and reduce pain from pressure points to lower your pain-causing symptoms efficiently.

People who sleep on their stomachs can check for a supportive mattress that offers adequate pushback to prevent their spine from slipping visibly too deep in the mattress and being pushed dramatically out of the normal orientation. Also, cushions are specialists in picking the right bed with a plush surface—such as a mattress or contouring pillow top—which can give a supportive hold to one’s chest and shoulders and, in essence, eliminate neck pain. If you are a stomach sleeper and want to buy a best mattress visit newsweek.

 Straightening The Spine

You are holding your back straight and reliable as well, as your head and neck erect as you sleep out are vital for keeping your back pain-free as well as protecting your spine. Stomach sleepers should aim for a bed where they can lay in a curve, which covers the range from being bent into a demi-cervical (less than usual) shape. Not only can this make you sleep well, but it will also help to encourage good posture.


 You can aim for a mattress with at least a mild to medium-firm firmness rating and make sure that you have enough protection. If you would instead get a comfortable feel, you can opt to have a bed that has a pillow top included. Instead, you can choose to get a new form of bed topper for your mattress to make it feel softer.


If you are a stomach sleeper, you can notice that memory foam mattresses will help you with spine alignment and pain relief. Similarly, a latex mattress will be responsive and can aid with pain relief, although it will not be as comfortable as a memory foam mattress. As spring and hybrid mattresses are firmer than foam beds, they can help stomach sleepers by providing them enough protection. If your bed makes you feel so relaxed, place a mattress topper on top of it to ease pressure on your shoulders and chest.


Investing in a comfortable pillow will elevate a sleep experience, mainly if you lie down on your stomach. Ideally, get a comfortable flat pillow, so you sit as straight as possible. If you do sleep with a pillow, choose one that’s lighter than you usually will. Do not sleep with the pillow under your stomach. It is possible to put a pillow under the position where a person’s hips rest to protect the hips from moving too far into the bed while a person sleeps.

Stomach Sleepers Can Purchase The Right Mattresses

Happy to begin looking at the next mattress? To find the best mattress for stomach sleepers, Mattress Advisor conducted a mattress test to get the professional team’s comments. They completed over 1200 hours of in-house field research to assess over 150 mattresses on parameters that support those who sleep on their stomachs.